Mobile Veterinarian, Health and Food Safety Laboratories with Biosafety Level BSL2+ and BSL3, also to be used for in the field testing of Coronavirus COVID-19, including FOAMING TEST


VMLE-4000DC model and MLEE-3500 for Testing, Diagnostics, Vaccination, Preventing and Helping you with the Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing, Bird Flu, A-H1N1 and Foot and Mouth, FMD Pandemic situations and the MLFST-4000DC model for Food Safety Testing!

Our fully Mobile BSL3 Laboratories, Health and Veterinarian Clinics units can be used for Testing and Diagnoses before/during/after any Bird Flu /Avian Influenza, A-H1N1 SWINE Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease, FMD Pandemic, SARS, Cholera or other Infectious Diseases Outbreaks. Also for biosafe Food and Water Bio/Chemical and Adulterations Testings.



We are ready to be Your Partners and provide you our Mobile BSL2+ and BSL3 Labs and Mobile Health and Veterinarian Clinics for local use in Screening, Detection, Diagnose, Vaccinate and Re-Test Response in your country. Also used for Coronavirus COVID-19 testing. You could then Protect better your population & visitors and also be a part of the global efforts to be prepared and even participate in a Mobile World Wide Epidemics Reporting Network. This project would be for prevention and preparation for a possible H5N1, Bird Flu/Avian Influenza, H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic, CHOLERA, FMD - Foot and Mouth Disease, EBOLA, SARS, Coronavirus COVID-19 and other dangerous agents. If you have or want to start such a program let us know, we can help. Please email us at and at and let us know how can we be of any assistance. Donations for end-users in need of our Mobile Labs will also be considered, please advise us. For HEALTH applications, BSL2+ & BSL3, please visit our site

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